Neither me nor Dovi consider ourselves good artists by any means, we’re more the calculating type. Since we decided to start a blog it was only logical to come up with a logo for it. Drawing it, however, would not be something either of us would feel comfortable doing. I had heard of a service called Fiver(or a referral link, thanks) but had no prior experience with it. If you do not know, Fiverr is a service where freelancers can offer their services for pretty much anything: design, programming, video editing, photo editing and much much more starting at as low as 5$ per job. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

The requirements

After looking through Fiverr for a bit we needed to have our idea written on paper in order to send it to someone who’d eventually end up drawing the logo. We brainstormed a bit and here’s the exact unedited note we came up with:

Guy with laptop(programmer) holding hands with a girl with long hair(waist long) who is sitting with her legs crossed and brushing her hair with a comb.

We also knew that we could live with both a colored or a black and white picture. Armed with this and the knowledge that we’d probably be willing to spend up to 20$ on the logo we went looking for a designer that could hand draw our image.

The design

It took us about 10 minutes to look through the works of few designers that had specified hand drawn as their category. While there was plenty to choose from, we decided to go with theblueisland as we really liked her work. We went for the budget option, which costs 10$. It included 3 revisions, which was pretty surprising for the price we were paying. On top of that, Fiverr adds its usual commission of 1$. I formatted the description to a human readable form and added it as a job description to the Fiverr order. We ordered the design on the 27th of November. The designer contacted me within a day to ask for the name of the company(which in this case was this blog). I sent it off and by the 3rd of December we had the first version of the logo submitted by the designer.

Here’s what it looked like:

The comb was missing, but we were pretty happy with the way it turned out. We asked for a revision. Here’s exactly what I’ve sent:

  • Could the girl have a phone or a book in her hands?
  • Could the mac be more prominent? It’s quite hard to understand that it’s a mac at this moment.
  • Also - the dizzy zone title font might need tuning, could you take a look at the current fonts in and make one that would align well with the websites fonts?

After 5 days, the revision was done and we had this as the final logo for our blog:


To sum up - we’re pretty happy with the 11$ we’ve spent. I’d seriously recommend Fiverr for anyone with a tight budget and any small bits and bobs that need to be done for you. However, I can not comment on the more expensive work on Fiverr, but maybe in the future.