In a previous post I mentioned I had the opportunity to work with a local blacksmith in creating a website for him. I was also keen on trying out an inexpensive facebook ads program to see how that would perform. The budget was a meager 14$. 2$ a day for a whole of 7 days. The main goal of the campaign was to try and get his new facebook page kickstarted with at least a few page likes, so he could start reaching more people from there. The blacksmith was mostly working with outdoor decorations aimed at people who own gardens or live in a detached home in Lithuania. Therefore I aimed the campaign at Lithuanians aged 30+ with interests in Furniture, Handicraft, Design, Home and garden or Crafts. It gave me a pretty focused audience who might be interested in actually obtaining a piece of his work.


Here’s the rundown of the results:

144 likes for a page for 14$. I personally feel it’s not expensive, since it’s 0.1$ for a like. It’s sure to give him a start off the ground.

What did surprise me is the gender distribution:

I’m a bit confused here. Not entirely sure why women liked this more. Is it that women are more attracted to this kind of stuff? Or is it just that women are more likely to fill in their interests?

Perhaps you have any ideas why that might be the case? Let me know in the comments below!